5 Beauty Tips For Healthy Skin During Ramadhan.

The holiest month in the Islamic calendar has just arrived in the hottest season of Malaysia. Whether your is skin ready or not, neglecting your skin's needs during this Ramadhan is a BIG NO! The sudden change in our diet routine and sleeping patterns might lead to unhealthy-dehydrated skin that turns our skin into dull & tired. Check out these simple beauty tips you can follow to keep your skin glow and radiant during this fasting season.

1. Drink Plenty of Water

We usually drink at least eight glasses of water to ensure regular hydration. However, during this fasting season, to achieve this target seems improbable. You may divvy up your water intake throughout the night and try to include a cup of green tea during sahur to rejuvenate your skin. Avoid carbonated, sugary or caffeinated drinks as it may lead to dehydration. Other alternatives of plain water, you may also infuse it with fruits to boost your immune system and flushes out toxins while maintaining body hydration. Some of the great combination to infuse your plain water are:

  • Lemon, cucumber, mint.
  • Orange, ginger, strawberries.
  • Blueberries, raspberries, mint, lime.
  • Lime, orange, lemon.
  • Pineapple, mint, orange.
  • or click here to get more infused water recipes.

2. Eat Healthily

To achieve radiant-healthy looking skin during this Ramadhan, increase your fiber & antioxidants intake such as dates, berries, pecans or dark chocolate. Research suggests that when it comes to beauty skin health, some of the benefits of consuming antioxidant foods are to slower sign of aging and promotes healthier younger looking skin.

3. Natural Skincare Routine

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